Vietnam-1970-71 173 Airborne

My slide show of Vietnam


whats that song bro


nt many men women or children shook your hands when you came back bt if i was able to go bac in time id find a way to shake every soldier,sailor, and airmens hand who came back. but may i ask what this song is

Ed Last:

Gary Butt was my uncle, (4th airborn 503rd 173 airborne 1970-71 (died april 3 '71 in Binh Dinh) I am compiling an album which I would like to present to my uncles and mother and wondered if you might have pictures or stories you would share? I wish you well and appreciate any information you may be willing to share. Patricia (Butt) Gougeon Canada

victor tejera:

I love it i wish that i could find a third battalion a 3/503d vid on the web i went over with the 3d batt from Bragg by boat in '67, still alive living well, life is good all the way and then some. SGT.. TJ herdpx qm


KKarl, I'm so glad you stayed safe and came home, so that I could meet you, many years later - Love, RRobin


My uncle is 173rd Herd. Vietnam Vet....David Surratt.

Mark Arguello:

Welcome Home ! Brother !! Checkout weekendtorememberfilm website about the 25th Anniversary Vietnam Veterans Memorial, film.


@karlchebator Thanks for responding. It was definitely the right place and the right time. I think he got over there in April 1970, but he was third battalion. Looks like it could be him but there's no real way of knowing. Anyway thank you for your service and for the video.


Any info on the guy on the left at 5:36? I'm not sure but I think it might be my father.


HI, My father 1st Lt R Miller was killed at Uplift on the 19th of Oct 1970. Was anyone here there? Please contact me at Thanks Scott

George Rivera:

Bong Song and Phu Cat were 40 KM apart.


Hi I am looking for any old photos of those men that served in 173rd bn, in Lz North English in 1970-71. Can anyone help me. Sincerely Brian


The name "Phu Cat" sticks in my mind. I know I was there more than once. But I can't remember anything but the name. It was an air base wasn't it? I was in the HHC/2/503rd for 5 months from the spring of 1970 (training NCO). Then transferred to the 51st Chemical Detachment, helping drop fugasse from Chinooks until the spring of 1971. What an exprerience it all was.

george ashford:

Hello I was there was E-2nd 503 recon was a mortar attack. Name is George Ashford

karl chebator:

Yes that was an air-force base protected ,at least partly by ROK troops until they all left and we moved in to take over. That was in 71 and when I saw the most action just as I was about to return to the "'World". All is well now living my dream.

Triet Pham:

Ho chi Minh, Vietnam's communist founder, is a disguting TRAITOR and MURDERER. He was a member of the Third Communist International established in 1919 by Lenin. He gave up Paracel & Spratly archipelagos with large oil resources to Red China. He even ordered to murder his own mistress named Nong thi Xuan when she threatened to disclose her sexual relationship with him since that would destroy his image as a "Father" of Vietnam who "sacrifices" his whole life for Vietnam revolution.


very nice video, thanks for sharing


I was in C/4/503 173rd after B/1.503 was deactivated. April of 1971. Had plenty of bro's who went to delta that you may have known. Chris pasini, mark peterson, Steve Baker , JJ Johnson, Schultz ,Al Truax, and a guy named Pike and others. Your had Captain Ranger, a West Pointer as your CO. . Also , I know John Crawford , Sandaval, and Wayne Shaw in your company.

George Rivera:

@brihj I knew a lot of guys from E Company mortars, but I don't have any pictures. Cameras were not as abundant as they are now. They were very rare. The only ones who had them were REMFs who were at LZ English when the resupply came in. By the time the line companies rotated through, a different one every week, everthing was gone. I was in the field well over 80% of the time.

Ed Last: