Rock N Roll Math Tutor: Multiplying Polynomials - Alternatives to FOIL

Multiplying Polynomials via FOIL(First-Outer-Inner-Last) is one way to get the job done. But there are others. Using 'The Box' could make it alot easier for you. Check it out, and let us know your ...

Shelley Luker:

Thanks so much! Very helpful! This works for my order-craving brain:) 


1:38 laser?


I wish I had this method taught to me by my algebra professor when I was studying Polynomials at my Community College, but thanks alot anyway it's great and easy method to use when doing these types of math problems.


THANK YOU!! I couldnt learn this till i watched this

James Cleary:

I learnt multiplication of long numbers in a similar way - this just seems like a natural progression. It's not until you come across things like this and wonder why you didn't think of it yourself ahah - thanks for the video!

Christina Charleton:

WOW!!! Thank you SSSOOOOOO much!!! I understand how to do these problems, but this method eliminates so many opportunities for error!!!!! And saves SO much paper space!!!

Alfred Perry, M. Ed.:

Very nice video. I will embed it in my website.

R Ems:

Great video This is a very easy and organized method. I love it. Thank you


Great video thanx for the help. You have very neat handwriting!!! :D

Darius Schindler:

very very helpful! thank you very much! ;)