Begin Again - Taylor Swift (Lyrics)

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ausie bear:

wow i knew someone like that and it wasn't my crush. i guess i didnt like who i thought i liked............... weird O o 


Taylor swift songs that say "whats past is past": Begin Again Should've said no (add more if you know some)

Al Jaffarunnica:

2,222 comments, that's beautiful. don't add any comments, oh shit, i did. sorry ;(


When I heard "Take a deep breathe" it reminded me of "Fifteen" ;)


This song just made me ridiculously happy!

hoi man Cheung:

extremely love this song!!!!it is sooooo awesome

kimmy movie:

But on a Wednesday in a hallway I watched it begin again ^.^

Rhodora Mae Low:

I do...

Ruth Pasca Vania:

perfect video. whoever made this, you're amazing! <3

Lexy Labath:

I think it's strange that you think I'm funny cuz he never did...

Christa Keen:

I forgot how much I love this song!!!

Purple Raven:

I love the part when she says little kid.

malalysia hernandez:

That's crazy! Its happening to everybody now?

Loay K:

Thank's :( .....

Kitty Miracle:

I can relate to this actually.. The meaning of the song is saying that she just had a bad break up (person is the one she's calling "he") and sometime later, she met a new person (person is the one she's calling "you") who was right for her.. I really can relate to that.. (I JUST MADE A POST ON IT ON G+ IF YA DIDN'T SEE GO FIND IT)

Eleni Si:

Zaqiyah Zaqiyah:

on a Wednesday in a cafe i watched it begin again, it's truly happened in my life today.. <3

Kelly Vines:

saturday at a nightclub <3 Kevin Michael.

Autumn Atencio:

I think I see what you did there.

Bianca lacombe:

This Song<<333

Edsel de jesus:

when stressed out. Taylor fill the air.

Sivlee Sok:

Love the font style ^^ thz

Cheyenne McGraw:

I love begin again, nice job Taylor!!!!!!!!!!!!

Alejandro Salvador:

I DO :)

Jennifer Sweeney:

Its about coming from a guy who didnt get or appreciate her but then meeting someone new and begining with him and feeling better about herself and feelin hopeful it will be better this time. :)