Bradock 5 series portable car lift

The bradock 5 series portable lift.

Sidney Mathious:

That is nice and it would have me feeling better if it had arms to lock rest on the floor in case the hydraulics went out while up in the air.

ask steevies:

they dont show the guy getting out of the driver door.

B Carr:

ask steevies:

Scissor lifts , awesome..

ask steevies:

I gotta take the exhaust off , Douchebag

cityglush ru:



website at the end of the video doesn't work, company seems to not exist anymore...moving on to next video

sam jan:

Check out this video on YouTube:


for that car, you can use 2 3-ton Jacks and 5-ton Stands, solved,,cheap too


@pater429 You can wind the screwpads upto the max, or use the extension blocks provided. This gives you enough clearance to remove the exhaust.


I'm actually not shade tree >.> I went to a 2 year college for Automotive Technology!


I want this lift!!! I've been working on cars since I was old enough to pull myself up the grill, but I've never used a lift. I do alot of brake and suspension work for friends/family, and this would make it SO much easier. The only thing I'd be worried about is the support for the lift. How much pressure does it exert on each corner and what is it's lifting capacity? These are things that a person who would NEED a portable lift needs to know. Could I use it in a field with support pads?


glad to hear that. i'd hate to hear about you being killed. :)


i would buy two at half price because it would take two to make a real hoist


i wish they made this design, but a 2 post unit so you could service the center of the car. The raised part on the floor is not an issue, but the horizontal cross in the middle of the chassis is a deal breaker.

Rowan Cook:

I own a lift like this - mounted solid - with 2 lifting carriages - left and right. Used it for 7 years - No slip, No error. Nothing to regret. Simply adjust the lift contact point with appropriate adjustments - like the screw contact this one has. I often used 6'6 or 4x4 blocks on difficult vehicles - like Ford trucks with dog leg style frames. I still have it today. Might be up for sale to someone who might want a twinn lift. Can be used as a single hoist call 304 581-4051 R.Cook

kelvin stowerd:


Tatoke kokipa:

looks good, but how do we get the exaust of?


I had a version of that kind of lift, I can't recall who made it, a friend gave it to me to use. That thing sat using up room for years, I didn't trust it. There's isn't enough base, it would be too damn easy to flip it and a car off it. I got one rockin one time and scared the living shit out of me.


if you knew how dangerous the ole reliable block stack was you'd shit yourself shadetree.


Why is that relevant?

John GTR:

how do you take the gear box out on a rear wheel drive vehicle? lol

Brian Thomas:

the practical use would be for boarder inspection and the sort. Use as a maintinace tool would be a pain in the ass.

Fritz Madness:

Hi, does it use regular house power?


Have fun when that thing tips over lol