WOW patch 5.2 - Essence of Order warlock boss guide

This is a guide on how to defeat the extremely powerful boss that is the Essence of Order in the warlock scenario in World of Warcraft: Mists of Pandaria patch 5.2. This scenario is set in the Black ...


The embers were a big help! I didn't even think about using ember tap like that! (:

Total Wafflez:

YAY! This guide helped me out a ton! I barely managed to do this.. Died like 3-4 times and manage to get it the 5th try! Definitely rain of fire is a must and use your demonic gateway but use your ember taps when available to make it faster if you have no health stone or dark regeneration available.. Thank you so much! This guide helped me out.. Now onto looting the treasures

E Dawg:

Hey! I did it better by kiting the boss around the room myself and used demonic gate way and circle to put some distance between me and the boss when I could, he does not hit all that hard so being destro with fel pup interupt and grimore of service for extra healz, ember tap when needed and dark regen just in case, it was about a 3 min fight! But all in all nice video, thx for the heads up on Rain of fire and ember tab, also Shadowfury was nice too, stun the adds every 8 seconds! Good luck to anyone else attempting it!

Leon Yanez:

You should make sure you use your healthstones and the soul harvest spell for health regen before you start using ember taps as soul harvest and healthstones have a longer cooldown and this will allow you to use them more often in the fight and allows you to use more embers for chaos bolts :) just a pointer :) always start with the longest cooldown and move to the shortest cooldown.

Devin Curtis:

Shadowfury is a talent, not a baseline spell. You'll have to spec into it.

Tyrant Kragith:

I managed easy enough as demo.

Tyrant Kragith:

Axe toss the aoe (its always back off cd by the time he uses it agein), stay close to the fight so when adds spawn the felguard can felstrom them off you withought moving away from the boss. The rest is just common sense (it all is actually), pool DP to drop the adds before they can damage your pet too much. Everything inbetween is just balancing health funnel between all your healing options. (Had to drain life between healthstone and regen cd's) I was never below 35% at any given time.


What I did was save the Healthstones for emergencies, perhaps at times when I may have low health and no burning embers to heal myself with, as using healthstones when I had burning embers that I could use could have potentially been a waste, especially as they are limited. Ofcourse, there are varying ways of doing this and if that works for you then that is jolly. I should have used Soul Harvest, but this is my first time playing a warlock at this level, so I was not familiar with everything.


Thank you for this informative vid. I was trying to do this in affliction, not enough healing for to take as much damage she dishes out.

William Bruce:

I'm struggling trying to relearn how to play a caster after months of playing three tanks and two melee classes. I'm looking for Shadowfury, or any spell that I can use in Destro with my Voidlord out, to interrupt Hellfire. I can't find a spell called ''Shadowfury''. Help =( I'm so embarrassed at how bad I am at Warlocking. And for some reason I paid 7k gold to come do this quest line in horrible gear >.>


Just a pointer, I use Shadowfury to interrupt his Hellfire. That will save you significant amount of damage. Thankfully, he casts is pretty much each time shadowfury is off CD so it did help me


@TheRedrin Potentially. The quest chain and scenario is likely designed for the warlock specialisations that use fire spells, considering the purpose and reward of these quests only affects fire spells.


best strategy ever, downed first time no problem gear level 468, and most of the battle i just stood in one spot and let the Rain of fire take care of the sprites and i just watched my heal and kept spamming curse's incinerate and chaos now and then i only used 6 of those though. 15 min rezzed my minion probably 4 times Whoohooo ty for the vid now i have to make the next part lol. I'm scared


I can't kill it, i tried it 5 times and my gear was totally red ...


i went affliction. i won


been trying to do this as affliction and it's killing me. Does this mean I need to reforge all my gear and switch to destruction just to finish this quest?


By far the best strategy for this boss is to be destruction and spec into harvest life. I was able to easily down him(ilvl 478) without ever using a health stone. I would Ember Tap/Mortal Coil during the Hellfires just for precaution but I never dropped below 75%. Harvest Life trivializes the fight.

Stephen Payne:

would like to know how you did it as demo thanks!


How? What am I missing? I cannot get this guy below 4mil..and I am 488 ilvl


Well firstly, do some LFR and get your gear up, I had to do about a week of LFR just to get the Ilvl that would keep me alive. Second, shadowfury is in your spellbook, just like all the other spells. Just take your time and look for it. You have to be Destro specced but otherwise it should be there


meh i doubt ppl did this with that low of an ilvl, you need to be like at least 490 to burn through the boss and mobs quickly


I just done this as a 450 ilvl Destro Lock (which I had months to play) after 4 wipes. I never interrupted hellfire. Heal through it with burning embers.