Gundam 00 Movie: The Debut of Raphael Gundam

The conclusion of Celestial Being's first encounter with the ELS.

Darwin Sept:

English dub, sounds..... soooo..... FUNNY IM LMFAOING

Lordk Graaltube:

I love the Gundam Eye glow sound

Bad End Happy:

Wtf is with Tieria's English voice....

Maverick So:

Nowbi remember why Im not a fan of dub

Maverick So:

Nowbi remember why Im not a fan of dub

Izayoi Tenshi:

Is it just me or does the voice of the characters sounds terrible in english. xD


I've heard both of Tieria's voices and I never got the androgynous vibe from his Japanese voice actor. He seemed awfully comfortable being referred to as a male and a human despite being an Innovator so I'm not seeing the problem. Everyone else is just fine for me the first time around so again, not seeing the problem


So true.

Allan Li:

funny how 00raisers wing binders always gets damaged


Everyone's faces after Tieria's attacks were priceless.


You are now imagining the cast of Ed Edd n Eddy piloting Gundams.


Well, you'd be able to outrun the police as long as you had Trans-Am active, but once it wore off, that would suck.


Same here. I kind of wish my car made that noise when I turn the headlights on.


Well Tieria has the same VA as Double D from Ed, Edd, and Eddy


True to form, Tieria. Late to the party as usual.


So hearing something in a different language makes you want to cry...yeah, not buying it. I suppose Japan should stop dubbing everyone else's work too, unless you think Japanese voice actors are infallible despite not knowing whether or not they're turning int a terrible, grating performance and in some instances, the Japanese audience and producers preferring English dubs over their own work. And I say "racist" since you used "jap", which is the derogatory term.


HAHAHAHHAA.....Eng voice always make me laugh...actually they are good....but sorry....i can't forget the original amazing japan voice actor


Compared to the original voices the dub heavily lacks but that doesn't mean its a bad dub, as someone who compares almost every animes dubs this one was actually acceptable (maybe just not in this particular scene)

a BAMF yam:

Watch new fist of the northstar with italian subs.

ちゃん ヤギ:



Rest of the dub aside, I rofled abit when he said trans am. :P


I see somebody doesn't know what maturity or wit means

David Macswain:

When the hell did they dub this!?


You mean when the 00-Quantha ELS mode is covered in a flower garden after ELS-Setsuna meets with a 70-year old blind Marina?! Yeah, that ending. The last scene with the giant flower in space before the ending credits should've been the actual ending with some scenes of what happened to the rest of the cast after the battle was over and before they jump to like 50 years into the future.

剎那 索蘭: