The Original Hinsons, Call Me Gone.

Angela PishPuddin:

My mothers song..RIP Mommie,,,07/21/09...still touches my heart. Thank you...


Great song by a great artist!

Tim Stout:

no singer can touch kenny hinson

Gwen Weaver:

Kenny sings this song so great. He has such a rich sounding voice and stage presence. I love to hear the Hinsons and , to me, are the best sounding gospel group ever. I sure do miss Kenny as do many, many. I'm so thankful to have attended many of their concerts. God Bless all The Hinsons. Gwen Weaver


Kenny could have made it to the top of the secular country music charts but Praise God he followed God's direction and sang Southern Gospel Music-where he was at the top in my book.

Richard Robinson:

There will never be another Kenny Hinson, but his son Weston does an excellent rendition of this song. I think Kenny, looking down from heaven is well pleased!

Beth Lowe:

i am so glad Kenny dedicated his voice to gospel, what a difference he made!!!

Tim McClung:

Kenny Hinson was a genuis.

Jeff and Lynns .Southern Gospel Page:

Gospel music will never be the same without "The Voice" I miss you kenny hinson. As a young teenager, at the age of 14 years old i had the the chance to attend over 10 concerts to hear what i believe to be the greatest group in history,,,,thank you Hinsons for the the change that your music & songs have made on my life!!!


He was and always will be the BEST!!!


The VERY best treasure that Southern Gospel ever had, right here singing for our Lord, meaning every word and note that came from their annointed vocal chords! Best singing I ever heard.

D Hamm:

A Gospel song's best friend.Mr Kenny Hinson.

Guy Fitzgerald:

no one can touch this.......not before Kenny, not during Kenny, not after Kenny........he was one in a zillion :)