Using the Veritas Dowel and Tenon Cutter

Learn how to use and work the Veritas Dowel and Tenon Cutter by hand or powering through using a cordless drill. Purchase the product and receive 4 x oak squares (19 x 19 x 900mm). Buy now from ...

Noël Jensen:

Jesus he was fast ! !


biggest pencil sharpener i have ever seen


Music reminded me of "Doc Martin"


How it work on soft wood I would like to make arrow shafts?

Craig Ernest Byrne:

Are you using the curved blade when cutting the long dowel?


Wasn't sure... What was on the package? 3/8 inch?


Hi there nice video I always wondered how those worked! I am new to furniture making, I was wondering where you sourced your timber? I have just been using forest stuff but need some sheets etc