Panasonic HC-X900 VERY low light test.

Wanted to test the HC-X900 low light performance. It was almost complete dark, exept for the sky. AI-mode. no corrections. I think it´s quiet good. But in the dark areas it´s noice. This is on the ...


nice video tks!

Lublin Spotters:

OK, one more thing. V700 doesn't have a ring for manual settings. I'm afraid of using LCD screen in V700 to set a manual focus in low light conditions. It's more natural, faster and much easier to rotate a ring than enter a menu and press icons on lcd screen.

Frank Barron:

Just bought a HC-X900. Moving on from DV, I find it is still a little mind boggling, especially the small buttons etc but I'll persevere. Lovely footage...was this tripod mounted or hand held. In either case it is well captured, if the latter, it is excellent.

Jesper Rådegård:

Hi! Thanks for the info. Didn´t know it has a eight-bladed iris. Actually i dont remember if the iris was fully open because it was in AI-mode. I like this camera very much and recommend it. Thanks again :)


Would this camcorder be good for recording a live band while playing in a nightclub? I am going to get a digital recorder then sync with the vid. Im trying to make up my mind on this cam... help me! :)

Jay's HD Aviation & Plane Spotting:

looks like it's good enough for me!

Jesper Rådegård:

Actually no. The quality of the 700 is almost like a 3mos. i was suprised how good the 700 is. The 900 is just a little bit better in handling. But use the 700 on a on leg tripod and its very easy to handle. And use a external mic. The panasonic cameras are not good at sound. I think Sonycameras has the best sound. But thats just me. If you don´t have the money, go for the 700.

Jesper Rådegård:

Hej! Titta gärna på Panasonic HC-V700 (ej 100 eller 500...liten sensor). Canons Legria är bra och du får fina färger. Sony 250(eller likn) är bra också. Annars Panasonic FZ200 (superzoom). Lycka till :)

Jesper Rådegård:

Thanks! :)


Några tips på en kamera i lägre prisklass som är okej för en nybörjare som mig?

Lublin Spotters:

I'm going to buy a new camcorder. I'm sure about that it will be Panasonic. I know HC-X900 is a very good choice, but it's more expensive than other models. One of your movies is recorded with HC-X900 and HC-V700. Panasonic V700 is much cheaper. What do you think about it? I know that max zoom isn't very usable because of the noise. Is there such a big difference in quality between them?

megablade gaz:

Thanks for the great video....convinced me to go and buy one!

Jesper Rådegård:

Hi!´I think it would be great for that. The 3mos-system will work fine in that enviroment. But use it in manual mode and manual focus. Otherwise its going to "pump" the focus. Go for it! The price is low now. There is a new model out soon. Almost the same, but with wifi. Good luck! :)

Jesper Rådegård:

Congrats to your new camera! :) It was on tripod actually... Thanks anyway! //Jesper


Love the flaring on light and the way this cam handles sound.

Bobby Knight:

No other consumer camcorder even comes close to this quality in dark scenes or broad daylight. I want to get this camcorder so bad. Nice video, dude.


I have had the x900 for almost a wk now. It's daylight. I think I might be missing something in lowlight tho. I took it to a wedding and filmed apart of the reception that was in ok light...which means it wasn't too dark. The x900 made this look real good on the lcd, but when I viewed it on my 22 inch monitor, it was grainy. I was disappointed because of the great reviews, such as yours for low light performance. Am I missing something, some setting?


great quality and video!! nice cam! :)

visualmedia forus:

You can get rid of the noise at low light if you pay 10 x more ;-)

Jesper Rådegård:

Yes, you are right. If you want to do focuspulls and if you want to work manually with the zoom, i recommend the X900. Maybe you could find a used one in good condition?


The X920 was announced not too long ago.

Jesper Rådegård:

Have you tried to work in manual mode? And are you using 1080/50p mode? The default setting is is not 1080/50p i think. Regards//Jesper


About my experience with the camcorder, it's just long to post here. (v=EeEiCx6ljMk), I will be uploading soon the comparison between Cannon 550D vs HC-X900M Lowlight.(The 550D kicks ass. that is sooo sad)


The iris was not fully opened? I see it is an eight-bladed iris because of the star-like illumination from the plane. I think even with the best Dslr, u will see noises in those dark areas. This is a superb camcorder.

Jesper Rådegård:

Hi Roberto! Think it manage ambient light well. But the sound quality is not so good actually. Use a external mic for better sound. The three sensors gives a very sharp image. But you just have to boost the colors a bit in the editing. But great quality image! The canon delivers great colors. But not so sharp as panasonic. Its a matter of taste. Its easy to boost colors, but not sharpness in the editing. The x920 is a improved version yes. Thanks for the comment.//Jesper