Social Empires - Soul Mixer (Combinations)

___Read Description to know how I got this much Cash!___ The Combinations I've made: 00:32 Wind Extreme Dragon + Forest Extreme Dragon Rider + 8 Cash PowerUp = Bull Extreme Dragon 00:43 Stormy ...

Tetris Battle:

with all that cash, i'd say you're the SE leader XD also, the last one either green extreme or golden extreme

zachary scruggs:

You have so much stuff and not lagging but I don't have that much and its lagging


is tha5 game on pc or smething what Divice?

Daniel Esparza Medina:

You are a fucking hacker

benedict kirby mallare:

why does every time you you press power up. it changes the result ?

Minarwa Bajracharya:

hey pakot , how can we get the exact dragon from its draggy in a soul mixer ???

Quang Nhat:

how to mixed a golden bahamut??? I can't mixed it

SacredSacredHeroesYes VillainsNo:

Which 2 Units is WHICH Makes the Elemental Light God? HELP! :(

Marquis Young:

paknot8 what is the monster/person that is holding the orb in all seriousness i thought it was Zeus 

sammy nguyen:

you can get a sbd with golden dragon extreme rider and wind extreme rider with no power up. You might want to switch back and forth to some other random unit and back to wind extreme since it changes everytime you switch back and forth.

ramlian thang:

I just mix the two head dragon rider and the black bahamut dragon rider and it's gonna be forest extreme dragon,I'm happy

raffy dibansa:

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Maks Pavlicic:

How do you get the extreme bahmbut dragon? I made asoul extreme dragon but how do I get the extreme bahmbut dragon?

Justin Clemente:

hey paknot i have a question for u. do u know how to make a supreme bahamut dragon? 

derek lara:

hey there is no combination to pull a rider dragon 3? is that many need and can not wait 15 hours all day and hold the damn fault when bincas in sales level off flying

dan robles:

Hey 7.09 what is the name of this unit? please someone respond my question

ali sen:

galaxy dragon rider best dragon ?

NordicOnur Honca:

You blew through your cash

Necro Nya:

Muy buen video. Gracias.

Luz Tayag:

cheater hahhhahahahahah!

Ali Barrie:

wtf u have 3000+ cash

HI Hi:

Can u get some/all the Epic Dragons from the soul mixer ? PLS REPLY BACK ;-

BGMaster Sasuke:

i know u use hack but dont wory:)


can you mix black bahamut dragon with volcano dragon....pls

Grunge Troll: