GT5 Garage Editor v1.3.1

By slim355 & q-k Download Here; or here

Vert Wheeler:

Ik this video is old, but when I start gt5 after using this tool it always says Loading Failure corrupt blah blah blah retry or use back up??? Someone please help

Peter Tzifas:

just made my day works perfect

Duberney Uribe:

oye muy bueno el video,pero no me permite abrir el garaje en el pc sabes alguna solucion gracias 

Tim lundberg:

Yeap it worked. Edited my credits and it works. Havent seen any virus messages from it YET. but it works alright.

Adela Krygier:

when I open the editor up and load my game data it doesn't let me change the credit or anything else

Skyler Ash:

whenever i try to select a car to edit it says error 801 and closes

Chris G:

still works??


' an error has occured ' Help please! 


Hello is there any chance of you doing a supra RZ 97? if please leave comment so we can come to a arrangement for it. p.s. this is for gt6 please. kind regards.


When Gran Turismo 6 Garage Editor is already, please contact us to me, thanks, like fav and sub!


just put FFFFFFFF at "Turbo" at the garage Editor 1.3.1 and then you should be good to go. Unfortunately its not that easy with a gallardo.

Bo Dean:

grrrr i h8 u gt5!!!! ANYWAY AROUND THE NEW GT5 UPDATE Pulpfictionost???? i havnt updated yet my m8 said he cant use his nemore with th new update:( its just not th same without my awsum hackd cars:( grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!!!


yeah i tried to get a nissan gtr black edition gt academy 12 and its not working

David Maldonado:

does it work?

ze manel:

what does car and course available do ?


Thanks for using it :D Version 2 is in the works. Release soon.

Ieuan Scratch:

how do you put decals on yourcars like ive been play gt5 and you can see peoples engines


does the ride height change if you put 0 in the tune sheet?


nothing works anymore.. halp?

Paolo Antonelli:

Will bypass patch 1.14? :D Thanks for your work, I'm so excited!!


how did you do the GTR? can you send me one? PSN: TheYip888


i copy in the usb but when i conectet too the computer dosent show up


Cant wait


just clich skip ad top right


just don't piss other people off, you should be fine