Social Empires - Soul Mixer

The Soul Mixer is finally out! you can mix up your units for much stronger or maybe weaker? You decide! What do you want to see mixed next? put in the comments below and i'll try to mix them up in ...

Subaru Cyblast:

owh, for me I would like to take soul extreme xD

Aashutosh Sharma:

mix wind extrme dragon rider with forest extreme dragon rider and u get soul extreme dragon rider


you are right its true

Daniel henrique:

and what the name of this song? Pleaseeeee


so thats a no on epic's and savage's then

Byzan Slash:

WHere do you get soul mixer I am SO CONfuSeD!!

Darian Lai:

y'all are wasting all your cash with the boost, just mix an green extreme dragon with an sky bahamat dragon and it will turn into an frost extreme dragon RIDER 3

Subaru Cyblast:

What + what in result of Soul Extreme? Without pow ups xD

Rolenz Pangan:

i mix death warrior and conan the result is also a black dragon


i got using the Galaxy rider and Rainbow rider, but if you already have an Extreme type, it's going to be a lot easier.if you want more tips, just ask.

Darian Lai:

if u need a way to find a cheap way to mix somefin then just ask.


No you cannot mix a Supreme BD.

Βασίλης Μανιάς:

how do you get all these cash?


Me, I get a lot of friend requests daily.

Oliver Tomac:

Are you ever gonna do a video when you talk?

altair ibn lahad:

hey is black dragon have two or one wing


welcome fellow emperor =)

prabhakar dhandore:

i know one combination mix Crystal Dragon + Vulcano Dragon = furious dragon rider do it


for me i was over level four and it spawned near my home base thingy

juanfrancisco berrios:

packnot 8 quisiera ser tu


I found this out very late too :D


You can't mix Savage Dragons.


ATTENTION, DON'T POWER UP, IT'S A TRICK, THEY WANT YOU TO THINK THAT IT'S BETTER IF YOU DO POWER UP, IF YOU DO THIS YOUR BEING TRICKED please, pass the word, i don't want anyone to be tricked and fooled out of their CASH

esteban tarifa coetzee:

q estupido q ss

Bluz Evilish:

I'm not not sure what dragon appeared when I mixed Rainbow,Galaxy, and power up 3x