Social Empires - Demon Dragon

This is the Demon Dragon and they are totally copied from 2 species of dragons and I hope you all like it , watch in 720p HD . My group : ...

Tarmim Apple:

What is this music?

Jonel Salomon:

Nice :)

vedran simic:

i got 70 infernal parts and the offer lasts for one week,i hope to get at least demon dragon.i dont buy credits this time so this time will be little harder.

fayza sakina:

where are you from ?

Sebastian Ljung:



six star bomb? thats the worst name ive ever heard


nice but what's the song

Tarmim Apple:

So good music :)

brent corpuz:

im almost geting this demon dragon i got 63 stuff


doesnt it take 110

tan li:

How do u get so much mana

tan li:

U hack

พล ลากิจ:

why do you get demondragon?

mahmut acdic:

joe jinouga can you make video of your empire?

Ethan Meechai:

Does the 1 hit kill work on bosses with 50000+ health? If it does...... HELL YEA


basically i dont know why but in my acc his attacks are much more powerful than here

Curry Man:



yeah make a video of your empire and the demon dragons six star attack hit 740 damage once to me

mahmut acdic:

joe jinouga please when you make a video in comment put the name of the song please

nicholas tolentino:

@below his not a hacker his a buyer.

brayan saez: