THE VATICAN'S SECRET PLAN for the arrival of an alien god ► Tom Horn w/Red Ice Radio

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Christine Rietsch:

We are not the only ones in the universe people. Do you think with a universe so vast that we are the only life that evolved out there? Really? 


Well this was scary...

Josey Michael:

There is no secret alien god. He is revealed in the bible and he is Satan coming to earth on the the 6th trump looking like, playing & claiming he is Christ and performing miracles. He will have a one world religion....


If you don't eat your meat,You cant have any pudding ! So how can you have any pudding if you don't eat your meat ?


If it is a secret then how did you obtain this information?

tim Lazenby:

God is a machine people, just a machine!




the next one will be named Peter as the first will be last.....We are the Aliens

grizzlewolf brown:

catholic clergy is fake, and thier claims are fake! The bible never said it was OK to do the crusades, or sell condolances, or enslave africa, or enslave american indians, and actually condemns banking, and they picked out which scripts they liked best for the public bible, AND islam was originally a branch of christainity in that muhamed greatly admired jesus as a holy man likehimself (until muhamed's followers changed his teachings for thier own use, just like ancient catholics) If you want truth, ask god earnestly to talk to you, and then listen carefully for his messages at all times. Listen to man, and all you will hear is the sound of coins leaving you pocket.

bill brewer:

You people need to do some more digging,it is the true Church of Jesus,you are judging it by what man does,that is wrong.If you pray to GOD daily,he will lead you where you need to go.I will be a member of the Catholic Church Easter,and GOD alone as lead me their.Trust in the Father,Son and holy Ghost,Amen!

eduardo ferreira-teixeira:

Tom horn? Is that one or two horns what a wanker , just like so many others who left dickless comments here, and fyi Jesus is the sun god and god of everything else, if you don't believe then why don't you do whatever you like in life? Morons who judge religions, and you people will be killing catholics and Christians soon you will new doing the work of the devil enjoy your stay in hell, 

Mc Panik:

secret? so how do you know?


anti-catholic idiots. lol, go type the name of your church in wikipedia in another browser and see who and when your church was founded. hahahahha

James M:

"A major change in dogma is coming", is it ? "Imminent", is it ? The Pope is going to issue a decree not only that "belief in extra-terrestrials is OK for Catholics", is he ? It's going to say "that denying the reality of extra-terrestrials is akin to heresy", is it ? Evidence of all that, please ? Where is this predicted "major change in dogma" ? Or the predicted "decree" that is "soon" to come ? Or the allegation that "denying the reality of extra-terrestrials is akin to heresy" ? Nothing of any of this has happened. This is all sheer fantasy, as well as showing an inexhaustible ignorance of Catholic dogmatic theology. The interviewer does not ask them for any evidence - he just laps it up. This is grossly unprofessional. Their mention of the scandals in the Church does nothing at all to support their allegations. Or don't facts & evidence matter ? It seems not.

Alan Surgeoner:

the catholic church has so much to answer for. if they really believed in God the would not hold all the money thy have gathered or the artifacts stolen over the centuries from people ,countries or the miles of scriptures and knowledge that has been gathered through time to keep that knowledge from the masses

Paul Revere:

"Religion" - has actually convinced people that there's an invisible man living up in the sky - who watches every thing you do every minute of every day. And the invisible man has a list of 10 things he does not want you to do. And if you do any of these things he has a special place full of fire and smoke and suffering, where he will send you to suffer and choke and cry and scream till the end of time......BUT HE LOVES YOU!....... He loves you and HE NEEDS MONEY!......He's all powerful, all wise and all knowing.......just can't handle money!!! Show less


All I do know is that there are false religions who will unite into one and seek the destruction of Christianity. The religion that satanist despise simply b/c they will lose so they seek the death of as many as they can to feel better ...ignorant beings don't know what awaits them in the next life. One day evil will seize to exist eventually.... electing their side is to willfully know your destiny is to suffer rather than do what's right and live peacefully. What people need to do is not lose their faith the media is a very powerful brainwashing tool utilized by the elite and it works. Sad really is 

Karl Koen:

MORE nonsense in the expectation of making another buck with another baseless book...God have mercy of these people.

Phillip Jones:

Once again, a very good entertaining video with no factual source evidence which can be proved beyond reasonable to establish a prima facie case concerning the disinformation of the attached title. Man continues to exalt himself 'above the clouds' for the main source of making 'money'.

malleyne viy:

S morning I was shown in a dream satellite Lucifer receiving a very strong signal. From out of space. I'm listening to this for answers

Diana Rina:

If this was hidden from us, what does this tell us? that its true. Hello? Why hide something from us if its not true. Come on people, open your eyes. the spirit of God came down over the temple and went into Raymond. That's how the Holy Spirit works. <3


Satans seat is in Turkey..The anti Christ will have come from around there..



Yohanan Preacher:

Your creator said you shall have no other gods before me.

Albert Cadda:

The "Scriptures" have been tampered with and edited since "day one". It all depended on who was "Authorizing" that particular translation. The Council of Nicea decided which of the many gospels would "make the cut" and become part of the Canon (Bible). In 1611, King James of England declared his translation to be the "Authorized" version of the Bible to dispel all his rivals and to solidify his power base. There were several competing translations available at the time; all power based.