"Hendershot Fuelless Generator" - The new coil

I've taken the time to wrap a new ... better ... Hendershot coil. This video shows a test where I pulse L2 and watch what occurs on the scope on the L1 tank circuit.

Gude Balm:

Would be really great if you would show the model just working, lighting a light bulb, whatever, driving a load and explain how it works, whether it really produces any power, if it is even worth building, etc. and how much power if any it produces or if it's just another hoax 'with promise' as hundreds of other videos on youtube are, and skip the obnoxious noise, it drives people away if they have ears, lose interest quickly in watching further. 

Danny Pennell:

actually how the coil is done makes a difference. This is due tto making magnetic fields. Basically for example make a regular coil and a starship coil and you will notice a much stronger magnetic field in the starship coil where the regular coil has a much smaller magnetic field. The same goes with the basket weave coil compared to a regular coil. A regular coil will has the smallest magnetic field.

Gude Balm:

Just wonder if you've tried wrapping the 'basket weave' coils as just cylinders, bypassing the 57 skewer method just wrap the wire around the outside of the skewers if it generates the same effects, or if there is something special that that basket weave causes it to work...? 

guillermo de Rivas:

does anybody know in wihch way hendershot make the spirit of st louis flight longer? didn't see any electric motor... so howwwwww......??? any sugestion is welcomed ..

Dan Man:

you're a fucking retard.

guillermo de Rivas:

nice, any electricity production?

Craige Lowry:

Why not duplicate hendershots exactly as we know it then try to improve upon individual components? Changing so much so soon is reinventing.......

Bernardo Alves:

Thank you Morpher44, i am in Europe, so i guess it would be a 220VAC/48VAC. But how much load? 2A, 3A, 4A, how much output will i have? With a 2A i would have a output of 220VAC x 2A = 440 W right? how much? Thank you for your time...


how much power are we talking?


Ok... but someone also shared this info with me and I think it is SILLY to buy this when you can get it for free by searching the web for Hendershot material. The price you are paying, I guess, is for the nice packaging and paying someone to have researched and found this material for you. For me, I just use Google Search and can find most of this same info for free.


@lugiss76 Yeah. I use Garage Band. That software is very fun. This particular song also features a little Theremin I made which uses photo-resistors and light instead of inductance. It was a simple little circuit I found on the web. I just plugged its output directly into my M-AUDIO usb device as if it was a guitar or bass. Very fun.


Go to Google, select "More", then "Even More" and then "Patent search". Then type in 1770245 .


Looks like a painful coil to wind. :) Reminds me of another guy who wound coils around vertical poles, but in a grid sort of pattern, and claimed it could pull in energy.


Yes. Others have pointed me to this information. I have to agree its a hoax in that there is no real info here. Everything they sell you you can find for free, and they explain nothing. They have no-one to answer questions or refund your money. Not cool.


Thanks for the advice about a grid dip meter. Sounds like a useful tool to have. Absolutely I'm seeing spurious oscillations ... and I intend to enhance that if I can. The Hendershot hand made capacitor is like an antenna and picks up all sorts of RF ... and the coils are sensitive right down to VLF and lower frequencies. This thing has a very wide band response.

john dotson:

are you gonna work on a model for powering a house or a vehicle? ...boat? ... an aircraft? why not go to a flying saucer model?


very interresting !!


who is Hendershot? Gary ??

Pedro Romero:

Morpher 44 do you now what kind of transformer use de Hendershot generator, because I don not understand, the list mencion 1:5 and 5:1 110v-220v how much we have in the secondary of each????


Have you had a look at hendershot generator . com ? They say they have a guide made by professionals and blueprints, but for some reason it all seems like a cheap scam.


if 110 VAC is on one side, then 110/5 = 22 on other side. If 220 VAC is on one side, then 220/5 = 44VAC on the other side.


@3lricofM3lnibon3 Pseudo science for me is a hobby. As for violating laws of conservation of energy. The Hendershot device, to me, appears to be picking up and using the earth's magnetic field in some novel way. I've done a lot of research on this. Hendershot was trying to improve the induction compass idea and stumbled upon something interesting.

Jonah Hendershot:

Still watching with great joy... MJH

john dotson:

What is the wrap on the bottom? and how much real energy r u putting out? enough to power a house or more? I really had no success with electronics in my day!


Hi Megaohmz. Hendershot's interest in the induction compass is well documented by various people who wrote about him. The induction compass is a generator, yes, but requires you to SPIN a coil in the Earth's magnetic field. Wind, while flying, would enter a pipe and spin a little propeller to do that. Hendershot started with this device, and figured out another way to generate power. Its a very interesting mystery.