Clandango [Chicago] opening 1

this scene was replaced by "opening 1" when your an addams. i made a mistake in the previous description. my bad guys, my bad. also i do not own the full version of the musical. Wednesday is finally ...


someone who has the lyric for this?


Can someone tell me the lyrics to this song?


I personally think that "When You're An Addams" is a better choice for an opening number, but I do think you are absolutely right that the story-elements from Clandango should have been preserved.


They should have put this on the OBC CD. They put one of the original cuts of one of the songs on the digital album. So why not this?

tiara averhart:

i think i would rather see clandango wish they could have both


I wish this song was recorded :(

Cal Naughton Jr:

"When you're an Addams" is better.

Wolfie Rittenhouse:

they should have kept this one in the show


Wow, the ancestors costumes changed soooo much!!

Paige Addams:

I love they addams family and I absolutly adored the musical tour(saw it for my b-day). I think that is when I truly fell in love. Best birthday present ever.

Oscar Rubirosa:

they should have recorded this also on the album.....


This goes way better with the story line....but the current opening is way better, way more catchy....I wish they combined the two...did the opening of When You're an Adams then change the middle to Clandango, then finish with the rest of When You're an Adams. When I saw it in Toronto, the character of Wednesday was way too kind of ruined it....she needed more emotional change...

Carl Mack:

"When you're an Addams" replaced this.

Serenity Gallegos:

No in every broadway performance there are two versions and the "director" chooses which one they will do every night

Lauren Faerber:

I wished they kept this. This felt more, Addams Family-y.

Madison Marie:

@tigger6455 I agree. I like how this opening shows the hair-cutting part instead of Wednesday just having short hair without it being explained like how it is in the current opening...this one makes more sense


I wanna go see this soooo bad it looks AMAZING!!!