Goddess Lalitha Devi Aarti Song

Sivasai Urrinkala:



SO peaceful


can u plz upload lyrics ... i want 2 learn it thanku


beautiful... Jai Maa

sravani sharma:

this song was written , composed (in a different tune) and sung by Mrs.Ilapakurthy Radha devi, Visakhapatnam. she is 70yrs old lady, who was blessed with Lalitha devi, has dedicated her entire life in Lalitha devi puja. dont know how these changed some lines, deleted last stanza which starts with her name Radha, again composed it in another tune and sung. finally uploading as it their own. try to find original one , upload and listen. do not encourage piracy, always listen original songs.


Very good to hear such Aarti song. Can you please share the lyrics in Kannada or English. Thanks

Ashok Reddy:

Om namo astalakshmi

Jayasree Kandala:

amma aduruga vunathu vundi.so nice


very nice song.i like this song.Thanx for upload this song.

sanjay netha Kairamkonda:

lyrics are in Telugu