The Cold & Flu Song Feat. Starrkeisha (@TheKingOfWeird)

Like! Comment! Share! This one is funny to me because it was really inspired by me being sick and not knowing what to ...

alexis sanders:


Tamara Laird:

This may not get any like but I want to Thank you for not cursing, talking about shooting people, jail, prison, rape, sex, drugs in your songs. Thank you for keeping it clean! 

Lette's Chat:


Erica Boo Trill:

Lmaooo diz is funny doeee

Annie Clark:


jasmine love:


Lisanetta McDade:

My kids love this song....had to share with my co-workers....

shameshia jackson:

Gggggggggeeeeeeeeeeetttttttttttt. Iiiiiiiiiitttttttttt


At the end,,, I properly forgot that they were the same person because when Star did that little twerk the way they both looked at each other && laughed was as if they were different people who had come together to make this,,, as if they were proper friends having a good time.

Wyensha Burton:

Now do the cold and flu

Daisha Pearson:

Omg do the cold and flu every time I'm sick this song is on my mind 

felina alexander:

starkeisha you the bomb

Jerry Braxton:

U love u

Mesha Larsen:

Love this he is so original love all his skits



Kendra Hallett:

Tweak the flu apathy lol

Cynthia Winfree:

Lol I love the song

Mike Plays:

thats really catchy

ronesha roberts:

twerk the flue away What tha 

keriana albert:

please watch it is so funny

Shanasia Rooks:

My song cold and flu


are you going to put this on itunes?

Dominique Tyson:

Love it

Nujhai Karriem:

I was turning up when I heard this song and I was twerking my self.

Racheal Laniyan:

twerk the oain away twerk the twerk the pain away lol