The Cold & Flu Song Feat. Starrkeisha (@TheKingOfWeird)

Like! Comment! Share! This one is funny to me because it was really inspired by me being sick and not knowing what to ...

Jami Thurms:

Hahahah she didn't help you at all!!

Amiea Hines:

(lyrics to song) man i got a cold go give me some tishoe cause i need to blow my nose what is the cure man no body really knows when my nose is running and i sneeze out of control that is when you know i got a cold ha cold starrkeisha!!! you need to stop sneeezeing you anit got a reazie you know you sick you just court anit trying to go to court dont want pay the chidsupport uh but kiki gone get you no matter where are i am going to be with so gone and take medaison robatesta what the next hole up what a miunte let me put starrkiki in it now drop) ok you will see the rest in the video

Christeena Johnson:

so funny

JadaChase Dean:


Yasmine Harris:

I love watching your videos

Calvin Jones:

isnt her name sharkeshia

Joanna Mccalla:

i know star does it for entertainment but when she sing at least get the words right please

Justyce Brown:

3:40-4:27 hilarious

Shawn Williams:


Mary Jackson:

Starrkiesha that's my song got me rollin

Sasu Naru:

*LOL* To all my sick people cuz I caught a cold! Eww right!

Zaya Phillips:

I love this song something about it


Lol bless you

Jennifer White:

The beginning is me when I'm sick xD

Roxanne Dowe:

Lol starrkeisha twrek the pain away

Donald Henderson:

Funny song

Lorine Carter:

i love tlol i gotta a cold


CHILE i got a cold right now and this is how i feel to the T lol

sanova davis:

this is the song this should be on something


how the hell did this guy get so famous :)

ashanti jennings:

dont forgot about late nights playin in the dark yeah wakeing up inside my arms boy u always be in my heart lol when she trie to hit tht high note haha

Kiara Smith:

Bianca Garrett:

Starrkeisha Hit all them notes

Nikki Whitlock:

them pigtails tho lmao

Vic Carter:

Lmao thats tight!! And funny