Clifford Brown - Cherokee Solo - Transcription for Bb Trumpet

I have always loved this solo. Before I knew it was an actual Clifford Brown solo I always knew it as the harmonized version Arturo Sandoval did with the GRP and off one of his albums overdubbed. I ...


It's actually not that long of a solo, with Amazing Slow-Downer it wouldn't be too hard to transcribe.


Cool stuff! Nomenclature is a bit confusing, e.g. FM vs. F-7...

Jordan Hoffman:

bravo, I can learn more from this one lick than 10 non-transcribed, amazing and so neat to see the notes with the music,

Joey Pero:

Great addition to youtube; thanks so much for taking the time to do this. Clifford was simply...the man!


@shepgthollywood Try the seventh string software "Transcribe!" It's 10 times better. It what pat metheny and michael brecker (use to) use for petes sake.


Hi is it possible for you to let me have the Cherokee solo ? If it is , send to


this is absolutely fantastic thank you so much for putting this on more please Thank you for putting it in Bb!!


lol i was kidding but yeah


Lol I was just kidding that would take a lifetime, did you just transpose it


@Kaitano94 I use VLC media player and just slow it down about 0.61x speed.


To any Martian this can only be a Clifford Brown solo, LOL!

Kaza0kun:'s a finger workout!


Thank you for posting. Now, in 1 year or maybe two, I'm going to learn it (at half speed obviously)