Pink Panther on Melodica

Pink Panther Theme played live to camera on melodica.

Alex Hills:



This is really great, but can someone answer this question: why do all the "pro" melodica players play one-handed like this and not two-handed with the hookah-type hose thingee? A whole hand is being utilized merely to hold up the instrument, seems like it would go to better use if it actually played the thing. From my own perspective, I also can't see the keys from that angle very well, either. Maybe there's a good reason and I just can't figure it out.

richi ramirez:

tutorial please!

Hector del Callar:

This is fantastic.

Seth Goldstein:

*Such a Strange Instrument*

Roque Skate:

what are the notes?




Dude got skillz! So far there's only 2 people who get it done w/ the Melodica The Japanese guy that looks like hes having a seizure & this man. No offense to the Japanese fellow he has true passion 4 music. This guys got the passion of a true musician too. Plus he doesn't take himself 2 seriously. For me it takes 3 ingredients. The artist, the instrument & the passion. When your souls wrapped up in the music, magic happens. I could picture this guy playing other instruments, easily. Peace~

a Bionic Squid:

I counted 33


What's better: Pan Flute or Melodica?


Cool!!!!! Wish I could do that!

Manu Manzoni:

@mislimes Jajaja, tenes un apellido de mierda


i hate you.

owen ortega:

amazing wonderful mind

Marley Gilliam:

This guy is too cool for his own good.

Daniela Julien:

sé mi abuelo!

Kim Thanh Tran:

@toonmunger : cool , thanks for the notes .

George Miklas:

Repair services for all brands of Melodicas h-t-t-p-:-/-/-HarmonicaGallery (dot) com (slash) repair

Gabriel Costa Fortes:

Tutorial would be nice


Played down a 5th?


did anyone else start snapping after the song ended? :D

Donnie Hennerix:

I like how you added dynamic contrast in your playing. Ive listened to other video's on YouTube and it sounds really bland if you don't add any texture to it.


hi what are the keys you are using to play this song ? thanks


Brilliant and at the same time disturbing...I enjoyed it!


Not all melodicas have a nice tone. The one in this video is the Angel 32 key, a mid-priced instrument. A Hohner will sound as good and the tuning will probably be more precise, for this the price is a little more. The best one is the Hohner Piano Melodica which has all high spec parts and is hand-tuned, for this one expect to pay a price fitting a quality instrument. As for longer models, I believe that Yamaha make one that spans 4 octaves or more and that is very expensive.