Pink Panther on Melodica

Pink Panther Theme played live to camera on melodica.

cliff heaphy:

Rabbit plays one.

Jim Lytle:

Sounds great!

Bruja Neus:

muuuuuuy buenooooO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :D



Alex Hills:


jonathan fernandez:

mas lento anciano

richi ramirez:

tutorial please!

Benjamin Cailloux:


This is really great, but can someone answer this question: why do all the "pro" melodica players play one-handed like this and not two-handed with the hookah-type hose thingee? A whole hand is being utilized merely to hold up the instrument, seems like it would go to better use if it actually played the thing. From my own perspective, I also can't see the keys from that angle very well, either. Maybe there's a good reason and I just can't figure it out.

Hector del Callar:

This is fantastic.

Roque Skate:

what are the notes?




Dude got skillz! So far there's only 2 people who get it done w/ the Melodica The Japanese guy that looks like hes having a seizure & this man. No offense to the Japanese fellow he has true passion 4 music. This guys got the passion of a true musician too. Plus he doesn't take himself 2 seriously. For me it takes 3 ingredients. The artist, the instrument & the passion. When your souls wrapped up in the music, magic happens. I could picture this guy playing other instruments, easily. Peace~

a Bionic Squid:

I counted 33


What's better: Pan Flute or Melodica?


Cool!!!!! Wish I could do that!

Manu Manzoni:

@mislimes Jajaja, tenes un apellido de mierda


i hate you.

Fenix MC:

amazing wonderful mind

Marley Gilliam:

This guy is too cool for his own good.

Daniela Julien:

sé mi abuelo!

Kim Thanh Tran:

@toonmunger : cool , thanks for the notes .

George Miklas:

Repair services for all brands of Melodicas h-t-t-p-:-/-/-HarmonicaGallery (dot) com (slash) repair

Gabriel Costa Fortes:

Tutorial would be nice


Played down a 5th?