Joyous Celebration: Intethelelo (Live in Durban)

Are cultural identity/expression and Christianity, whatever the denomination, mutually exclusive?

Eugène Mupenzi:

The melody is amazing, May God bless the group. Especially the keyboardist, the brass, the voices combination etc... simple among the best music for the Glory of Jesus


great melody


This is absolutely beautiful! Africa rocks!

Jean-Luc LLinares:



I can only imagine when we stand before The Most High God to give Him all the glory and praise He deserves. Nation after nation passing before Him expressing their love and devotion in their own tongues, fashions, dances and songs!!! Blows my mind!!!



Natural- -:

I look forward to moving to South Africa in less than 120 days!!!!!!

Nkechi Okorie:

South Africa....what a beautiful place with beautiful people and music. I LOVE!!!

michael akpan:

The bass player is such a great player. He's just flowing and making every note count. The keyboardist is so gracious in his choice of chords such a great fusion and harmony. I love it. god bless Zulu people 

Alaboso Joejim:


rosemary j Thompson:

This music reminds me of home when praising the Lord

humphrey akwabi:

I love this song! Please can anyone tell me who sang it and the lyrics? I cant seem to find the info!

Wangwe Wanyama:

how can i khow word by word of the above gospel song,its real

Murna Samson:


Rugira sam:

Liked it

Sam Mbale:

jesus saves...while compiling code

francisco xavier gime:

very very nice song,god bless you

Sam Mbale:

zulu christan warriors strutting it!

Sam Mbale:

you should watch me do this jive....

Sam Mbale:

What's for the weekend beautiful people!

Theresa Cole:

They're enjoying JESUS!!!


Our God is a wonderful God. He makes all things beautiful. May He blesses you all as you bless us with this great act to glorify His perfect name. Amen

diana Afandi:



Hahahahaha! Awuu! Hayi baba......

Olebogeng Koone:

so many ways of praising the Lord neh.. love it