New Eyes - Nahko - Medicine for the People

New song from Nahko of Medicine for the People Please visit Make the movement move!

Freya Fleming:

*Budding Trees, by Nakho Bear* *"Sandy toes & bottomless curves of the moon..."* I like this slower version ; )


I keep coming back to this song. I don't tend to feel spiritual, but this song makes me think in those terms sort of. And it feels comfortable.

Daniel Osuna:

this song is called budding trees not new eyes

Meg Ochsner:

Pele's children!

Mojo Jojo:

Pachamama spinning firelight* Pachamama= mother earth

Dawn O'Brien:

Sway and swing ...

Philipp Gabler:

<3 thanks

Michael Hopkins:


Shane Evans:


Devon Rigel:

... "fork on the trail" not 'for common trail"... ""dawning" adventure"


great★☆☀ greetings to you★☆☀

jonathan bear geronimo Ramaker:

Sweet song,..!

Matty O:

Nahko Bear.++

Dawn O'Brien:

Enjoy the day there won't be another quite like it!

Kayla Manning:

I'll share some unconditional love with Nahko :) 

Emilee Elliott:

This song changed my life. For reals. I saw Nahko in a livingroom here in Eugene and I've never been the same. Thank you sweet man. You are one of my many gifts


Unfortunately that URL doesn't go anywhere. Gonna see Nahko & MFP this Sunday at the Kauai Homegrown Music Festival. Stoked!

Jackson Wilhelm:

Got to see them in austin a couple months back with soja. They were catchy. Anyone know what that tribal/ritual song they have?


<3! <3! <3!!!!!!!

Samantha Vile:

New Eyes - Nahko - Medicine for the People give me some of that wild fox medicine


Hmm... Nahko has definitely had some BodyTalk done on him lol. <3 this song is perfect.


It's almost like Medicine for the People wrote the chorus of this song about floating.


@giri suarsana you should write your own music :)


where can i get this song??? is there a cd


This song has made my mind up, I'm leaving the city. Goodbye depression, hello adventure x