Pete Seeger - Rye Whiskey

Rye whiskey rye whiskey Rye whiskey I cry If you don't give me rye whiskey I surely will die If the ocean was whiskey And I was a duck I'd dive to the bottom And never come up Way up on ...


dang, that was the worst rendition of this song i have ever heard! it hurt my ears to listen to him butcher it like that.

Mac Robb:

An odd misspelling: rye is from Canada and the proper spelling is "whisky."

JimChris Thementalcores:

You ate when you were hungry you drank when you were dry a tree didn't fall on you you lived til you died... R.I.P Pete


Blacklisted, censored, banned, and condemned. A true friend.

Christian Papaseit:

+ vers l original song music des pionniers

Luke Detwiler:

Pete Seeger - Rye Whiskey

Jason Putnik:

For anyone who watched #Moonshiners last night.

Michael Hoshall:

Pete got it goin 


The bottle hath emptied. Rest well Mr Seeger, the ranks of saints are in good company tonight.

William Kelly:

eat when your hungry, drink when your dry, if a tree don't fall on you, you will live till you Pete!

PierGiorgio Gawronski:

Fare thee well Mr. Seeger. Hope we'll join you soon

Peter Coman:

ill eat when im hungry ill drink when im dryyy

Penny Milvio:

Tobias Rosandic:

Gilles a:


But it's a lovely butchering!

Producers Inc Video:

#peteseeger Free to sing and roam the world as the ambassador of truth and peace, as in this life now the next. I bow to you sir. ~ Kathy D. Hankenson, PI vp

Jon Pinter:


Rip Pete see you in the next one. 


epic classic!


A cityslicker came to me and he said Im tough I think I wanna taste that powerful stuff and I heard him a moaning as he hit the ground


Hey how bout both of you dick heads stop arguing and just listen to the dam song!!!!!

Jonas Spry:

What's a redneck song? And go kill yourself!


You don't have to know good englisch to enjoy folk music.

DestineeFaith Spry:

I love this song n I'm single so much damn fun !!!!