Pete Seeger - Rye Whiskey

Rye whiskey rye whiskey Rye whiskey I cry If you don't give me rye whiskey I surely will die If the ocean was whiskey And I was a duck I'd dive to the bottom And never come up Way up on ...


dang, that was the worst rendition of this song i have ever heard! it hurt my ears to listen to him butcher it like that.


Blacklisted, censored, banned, and condemned. A true friend.

JimChris Thementalcores:

You ate when you were hungry you drank when you were dry a tree didn't fall on you you lived til you died... R.I.P Pete


The bottle hath emptied. Rest well Mr Seeger, the ranks of saints are in good company tonight.

William Kelly:

eat when your hungry, drink when your dry, if a tree don't fall on you, you will live till you Pete!

PierGiorgio Gawronski:

Fare thee well Mr. Seeger. Hope we'll join you soon

Peter Coman:

ill eat when im hungry ill drink when im dryyy


But it's a lovely butchering!

Producers Inc Video:

#peteseeger Free to sing and roam the world as the ambassador of truth and peace, as in this life now the next. I bow to you sir. ~ Kathy D. Hankenson, PI vp

Tobias Rosandic:

Penny Milvio:

Gilles a:

Luke Detwiler:

Jason Putnik:

For anyone who watched #Moonshiners last night.


epic classic!


A cityslicker came to me and he said Im tough I think I wanna taste that powerful stuff and I heard him a moaning as he hit the ground


Hey how bout both of you dick heads stop arguing and just listen to the dam song!!!!!

Jonas Spry:

What's a redneck song? And go kill yourself!


You don't have to know good englisch to enjoy folk music.

DestineeFaith Spry:

I love this song n I'm single so much damn fun !!!!

Stephanie barnhart:

me too lmao I like Jim Toms version better


The simplicity of this song makes me forget my problems.


Yes, you are the only one.


Hmm, good rendition. I loved the Tex Ritter version but never heard Pete Seeger sing it.


Sounds like they need some rye whiskey