Gaelic Song : Donnie MacDonald sings "Eilidh"

For Eilidh. A Gaelic song "Eilidh" by Donnie "Large" MacDonald. Tha slighe dhoirbh gu beanntan àrd ar n-eilein, Tha 'n dìreadh garbh tron mhòintich is tron fhraoch, Ach shil do dheòir nuair thug mi ...


Hi is it possible to get the english words for this song also where can I get the CD


love this I do love Gaelic


Pleasant pictures and music! :)))


My father, Seamus Macchoinnich (James Mackenzie) was born in Urgha, Tarbert, Harris and wrote this song for my mother after meeting her in Uig, Lewis. He later went on to be the Bard at the Perth Mod in1963.


@Sabia1609 Aha ! :-) - I knew there had to be a rational explanation. Sabia is an unusual name - but nice too :-)


What does the overlying text "isleornsay2" at the end mean, as opposed to say "isleornsay1"?


@3ilidhDee Thanks - I think you might be an Eilidh in real life :-)


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Eilidh Watson:

I am having this played on the organ as I walk down the aisle in two week's time! Sounds lovely on the organ. Had the sheet music when I was a wee girl, but it went missing. No idea where it is :( The lyrics are perfect too in their English translation!


@UISTMAN59 haa..this is my sisters channel :L


Please correct me if anyone has positive info re. this song but I understood that this was composed for an Eilidh from Caolas Scalpaidh, Harris. A woman I knew and who ended her days in Leverburgh. No, she did not marry her poetic suitor but she and her husband lived to a happy old age. Pretty old woman as I recall.


@beatlesbugmcsporran I'm glad your first name isn't beatlesbugmcsporran :-)


nice tune my friend , where 's the pics from , some could have been Canada , wherever it was wouldn,t mind being there for a while --trich .

Eilidh Duncan:

nice song :)


@Sabia1609 It's a lovely name and is derived from the name Helen, which of course has many variations, but if your name is Eilidh why do you write on your channel that your name is Sabia :-) ?

john macleod:

Lovely gaelic song but i wonder if you can upload any of the group flair's songs thank you very much.


I have cousins Down Under too. Fourth cousins :)

George Shepherd:

Great stuff! George


@wellie10 Aye, there's only 28 Gaelic songs on my channel , not counting the Irish gaelic ones.


I know the question I am going to ask is not related to Donnie Large but has anyone idea of anywhere I can get some of Willie John McAuleys songs all my tapes have snapped Thank you

Maddie Mcgarr:

My BFF is gaelic. Curious to see what would turn up if I typed her name into you tube and up popped this!


@HighlandHorseman John M. Bannerman (Lord Bannerman of Kildonan) composed the tune and provided the English translation for 'Eilidh' and the music and lyrics was originally published by Bayley and Ferguson, the sheet music cost three shillings but I don''t know how much it would cost now. :-)


Great song but amazing singer one of the best, my daughter is also called Eilidh and the Englsh find it quite hard to pronounce. Be geat to see more songs in Gaelic on here


Do you know where I can find the English lyrics for this song?


I too would appreciate access to the recorded legacy of this wonderful singer and even more wonderful man. I had the great privilege of knowing him and listening to his wonderful voice on very many ocassions.