I'm Yours Playalong.wmv

Arffa Razali:

When I buy my ukulele the person showed this video and I'm just like YES!!!


this is a really good song

Maria Ledesma:

the strum is down chuck up up chuck

ยุพเรศ แซ่ตั้ง:

ปัญหามันอยู่ที่ว่า ร้องไม่เปน

Reminiscence Productions:

My strumming pattern is down chuck up up chuck Awesome video!

Iden J:

It helps a lot. Thanks;)

Jamie Baja:

that was amazing, I love it one day we can do collaboration

Veronica Demarchi:

che bella questa canzone è la mia 5 canzone con l ukulele

Olivia Gora:

The lyrics are a little wrong but amazing

Ro Ba:

Love it, love it, love it!!!! And love the way u posted this song for ukulele players! 


THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU ! You really helped me learn the timing on this one. Sorry that the lyrics are wrong though. Other than that... this is near perfection! Thanks again!

shinigami apple:

The strumming pattern i used was down-down, up down-chuck

Jessie Thomas:

down down, up down up up down up up down up :)


it is down - strum - up - up - strum strum mean you use your fingers (not your thumb) to strum across while you're not actually hearing a chord but a soft.... rasp? dun know how to explain that... in a good way...

klang lee:

เราใช้แบบ down chuck up up chunk

Nancy Cleveland:

great, easy way to play I'm yours. many thanks

Mareyla Sinaga:

I dont get it how to play the chuck. can you explain more :(

bua Kii:

ดีดยังไง ลงขึ้นหรืออะไรโอ้ย!!!งง

Tatiyana Jackson:

My music teacher taught us how to play this song and now I'm learning to play "A Team" by Ed Sheeran (Sorry I don't know how to spell his last name) It's super fun!


the strum pattern is d c u u c

deonila ryan:

OMG tnx i Learned from you tnx :D

วรัตน์ เหนี่ยวบุบผา:

Thank you.I 'll practice everyday as far as I can.

Zanni Yeah:

i went to titirangi primary when i was 5 in 1995, yay! now im 22 and learning ukelele.


My strumming patern is dduudu

Loo KimHuat:

Strumming all the chords to the tempo,feeling real good.Thanks for the video,any other songs I can find.?